Network setup for KVM-QEMU

Qemu is a virtualization tool to virtualize IO including disk, network adapters.

Typically, it supports 4 network models: Isolated, NAT, bridge and routing.

Some materials can be found as follows:

  • KVM network bridge to assign static IPs. URL:
  • 分析KVM虚拟化之四种网络模型(一)URL:
  • 云原生虚拟化:一文读懂网络虚拟化之 tun/tap 网络设备. URL:
  • KVM虚拟化:(十)网络配置简介. URL:
  • 專題四 – 虛擬機器的網路設計與大量佈建. URL:
  • Proxmox VE 安裝虛擬機:Windows 10 (三). URL:
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