Microsoft Edge Kiosk Mode /w Session Storage

What’s kiosk mode?

If you go to fast food market, you may use vendor machine/self-assist machine to complete your shopping tasks. The applications in the modern operating systems we called kiosk. [1]

Kiosk mode in MS edge

The tutorials posted by Microsoft were for in private mode, which cannot retain users’ session data (e.g. IndexDB, Local Storage)[2].

There is a convenient command you can use for keeping user session data. [3]

start msedge --kiosk  --app=<your_website>

If you want to keep the session data in a specific folder, you can add --user-data-dir parameter. But, it will automatically open the browser in full screen mode. [4].

start msedge --kiosk --app=<your_website> --user-data-dir=<your_session_folder_path>


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