【Chrome】Chrome Extension與App開發

In short, Chrome extension(or app.) application is composed of different html, javascript, and css files. It is very simple to develop. Basically, you can consider it as a normal client-server implementation.
To record some materials that I can develop my Chrome extension/app in the future, I note those as the following.
English materials:

  1. Building a simple Google Chrome extension
  2. Stealing login details with a Google Chrome extension
  3. Chrome extension:Message Passing
  4. Chrome extension: Content Script
  5. Chrome extension: Formats: Manifest Files
  6. Chrome extension: Overview
  7. Chrome Extension: Open tab, go to url, fill form and submit form
  8. Chrome Extension with API, overlay, form login, & URL detection.
  9. Making Your First Google Chrome Extension
  10. Set text field autofocus property in Chrome Extension
Chinese materials:
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