[PHP] The resources about calling windows programs in PHP

I’ve developed  one library about security and make as a .dll package. Now, I want to use the dll through PHP because my significant webdesign skill is PHP, not ASP.Net. The other reason is that I don’t prefer to install two different web platforms in a non-enterprise server.

I’ve searched some tutorials about that how to use or develop dll in PHP. To my knowledge, there are at least two ways to apply.

Develop One Self-developed C/C++ .DLL File

The dll can be only written by C++. After completing .dll file, I just put the dll into the ext_dir of PHP and set some configurations in php.ini . There are some resources listed in below:

  1. Creating a PHP 5 Extension with Visual C++ 2005
  2. Win32 PHP extension development

Use COM/DOTNET Classes in PHP

The another way is that use COM/DOTNET classes built in PHP to call self-developed COM assembly objects.

  1. Calling a DLL with PHP
  2. The DOTNET class
  3. COM and .Net (Windows)
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