[DB] SQL Server 2005 can not be installed in AMD X3 (X6) platforms.

    起初,MS SQL Server 2005的開發人員並未考慮到奇數CPU核心的出現,而傻傻的認為所有的CPU核心都一定是偶數個且為2的冪次。但是這樣的天真想法,在AMD X3/X6 CPU出現後,就造成相容性以及無法成功安裝的問題,因為這些CPU都是使用奇數核心。
    SQL Server 2005在Service Pack 2後,可以支援奇數核心。但是,就先前提及的,都無法安裝成功了,哪來的更新可言。
    最直接的解決辦法是修改BIOS。使用者可以直接到BIOS選單,選擇”CPU configuration”->”Clock Calibrating”,然後關閉一些核心,讓核心數量維持在2的冪次(也就是說,如果是使用AMD X3 CPU的話,只要關掉第3個核心。若是使用AMD X6,則關閉第5與第6個核心)。在這子調整過後,筆者相信您應該可以享受SQL Server 2005的安裝過程了。

    Initially, the developers of MS SQL Server 2005 didn’t consider the appearance of odd CPU cores and they just thought that all the numbers of CPU cores are even and power of 2. But it resulted in the compatible problem and unsuccessful installation with AMD X3 or X6 CPUs because these CPUs used odd cores.

    The SQL Server 2005 can support odd CPU cores after patching MS SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2. As the last paragraph mentioned, it can not be installed successfully, so it can not be updated. 
    The direct solution is modifying BIOS configuration. You can enter the BIOS menu and select “CPU configuration” -> “Clock Calibrating”, then close some cores to maintain the number of cores is powered of 2. (i.e., if you use AMD X3 CPU, you can close the 3rd core. If you use AMD X6 CPU, you can close 5th and 6th cores.) After the adjustment, I believe you can enjoy the installation of SQL Server 2005. 
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