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[Security] The SHA3 Slide

In this semester, I’ve participated in one information security course. The professor asigned me to report the new hash algorithm (i.e. the new NIST’s standard): SHA3. The following is one of my prepared slides.  

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Interesting Experiments in SHA3

I’ve tried MD5, SHA256, SHA3-512 algorithms with 1, 10, and 100 million bytes. In general, SHA3-512 is lower than SHA256 for 3 ~ 10 times. In these cases, MD5 is the fastest algorithm which is faster than SHA256 for 3 … Continue reading

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推薦的資料來源:  [The one of driver supprt documents for UART chip] [Recommended]

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  需求分析(RA, Request Analysis): 系統分析(SA, System Analysis): 進行開發前所需的工作: 確認開發工具:IDE選擇,開發函式庫選擇,使用的程式語言。 版本控制:Git or SVN? 版本號命名規則? 程式開發準則:Coding Style、參數訂定 元件設計解析:Design Pattern 測試階段: 測試流程與測試策略訂定:黑箱測試或白箱測試?測試流程? 測試文件撰寫:測試狀況,是否為Bug? Bug回報採用Issue Tracker進行管理。 發布階段: 安裝包建立(需另外以子專案進行開發、測試): 防止反組譯工具: 文件撰寫: 授權書:GPL、MIT或其他授權 著作權聲明: 說明手冊: 正式釋出!

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