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Print output while Processing HTML/XML data in Jsoup Project

Currently, I encountered one problem while retrieving XML data from one website. In my case, assume that the original XML document is like <result><device /><name>Allen’s device</name></result> If I use Jsoup.parse(File, “UTF-8”); without additional options, the returned document object will be like: … Continue reading

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XPATH, MapReduce and SAX

SAX Create XPath XPath4Sax SPEX: XPath Evaluation against XML Streams Apache MRQL: MRQL is a query processing and optimization system for large-scale, distributed data analysis, built on top of Apache Hadoop, Hama, and Spark.

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C# & ASP.NET相關資源

程式角落:ASP.NET(C#) ASP.NET中的Code Behind技術 關於 Code Behind 與 Code Inline 開發模式的使用時機與技巧 詳細解說幾個建置網站時常用的編碼方法 必網文章集錦 (包含了ASP.NET, PHP, XML…) [c#]做Ajax ASP.NET MVC3 ASP.NET 基本資料庫連結 C# Coding Style

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[C#] C# WriteXml, Dataset與DataTable

Dataset WriteXml方法 Mapping DataSet to XML and backwards C# DataTable Examples C# DataTable Select Example Expression for C# DataTable Select Limit Rows In DataTable or DataSet C#: 用XML推論XMLSchema

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