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Resource Scheduler , Calculator, Short-Circuit in Hadoop YARN and HDFS

In order to execute the next-year plan, I search the research topics and technologies in Hadoop YARN and HDFS, then make a note as follows: Since Hadoop YARN was proposed, the new generation technology are continusly discussed. For knowing the … Continue reading

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Dear all, I’ve updated this plugin called “艾倫查字典”. Please download or update it from here.I also published the source code on Github, developers who are interested in can fork or download its’ source code from Best regards,

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Process SequenceFile without Enabling Hadoop Platform

Recently I got a requirement for reading Hadoop’s SequenceFile without enabling Hadoop Platform. However, most examples introduce the read/write SequenceFile with Hadoop Platform. How do I read such files without hadoop? There’s a tricky solution in this case. 1. Download … Continue reading

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Explore Your Passwords Stored in Chrome Browser

Google Chrome provided a service which stored people’s accounts and passwords. In past versions of Chrome, it put these private information at the file with path  C:Users<User>AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultWeb Data on Windows platform. Currently it changed this file path to C:Users<User>AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser … Continue reading

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Print output while Processing HTML/XML data in Jsoup Project

Currently, I encountered one problem while retrieving XML data from one website. In my case, assume that the original XML document is like <result><device /><name>Allen’s device</name></result> If I use Jsoup.parse(File, “UTF-8”); without additional options, the returned document object will be like: … Continue reading

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