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Microsoft Edge Kiosk Mode /w Session Storage

What’s kiosk mode? If you go to fast food market, you may use vendor machine/self-assist machine to complete your shopping tasks. The applications in the modern operating systems we called kiosk. [1] Kiosk mode in MS edge The tutorials posted … Continue reading

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A c# implementation of Websocket: Websocket-sharp

If you are finding a websocket library which completely implement Websocket protocol RFC 6455)[1]. I would like to introduce WebsocketSharp. [2] Performance tips Although there is no size implementation for websocket, the limitations of websocket implementations are different. The original … Continue reading

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Image rendering and scaling algorithms in browsers

Image rendering control We can control the image rendering algorithms by setting image-rendering property in CSS. [1] What resize or image generation algorithms are in browser? If you’re interested in how chromium based browsers generate the images per size or … Continue reading

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