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筆者原本開發的「Yahoo字典查詢器」,因有商標權的問題,被強制下架。 不過這次記取教訓,把logo與名稱換掉,改名為「艾倫查字典」, 並修掉一些裡面codes不合理的地方。 宣傳連結請見我的網站介紹:

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Alignment API and Alignment Server

The Alignment API and Server is created by . You can install it by yourself. If you want to evaluate it , please choose Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative – Test library

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Today, I find that CSA(Cloud Security Alliance) have started the SDP(Software Defined Perimeter). The SDP is a framework of security controls to mitigates netowkr-based attacks on Internet-accessible applications by easing conectivities to those until devices/users are authenticated and authorized. The … Continue reading

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I-List: Create Your Own Lists of Links

I-List is a very helpful links share platform to share your collected links. It provides an user friendly interface to you for sharing some kind of links. I’ve found that there are two collections which is very helpful for some … Continue reading

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