Differences in each hadoop version

Hadoop 2.x is developed from hadoop-1.x, with the significant features over hadoop-1.x:

  • HDFS HA for NameNode (manual failover)
  • NextGen MapReduce (YARN)
  • HDFS Federation
  • Performance
  • Wire-compatibility for both HDFS and YARN/MapReduce (using protobufs)

Hadoop 0.23.x is a trunk which contains:

  • HDFS Federation
  • NextGen MapReduce (YARN)

Hadoop 1.x is developed from hadoop 0.20-security code support for:

  • security
  • HBase (append/hsynch/hflush, and security)
  • webhdfs (with full support for security)
  • performance enhanced access to local files for HBase
  • other performance enhancements, bug fixes, and features
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