JabRef + Bibtex4Word + Texlive2010 (Updated)

Hello! Every one!
I’ve tried JabRef + Bib4Word + Tex Live 2010 in Windows 7 and Microsoft Word 2007, and it works now!
There’s a good solution for Bib4Word using MikTex, but there’s much more solution for Texlive!
In fact, I always get the error message: “Missing bibtex log file…” in such environment.
I’ve visited the webpage1 , webpage2 and webpage3, and get the cause of this error message.

BibTeX and Makeindex now refuse to write their output files to an arbitrary directory (like TeX itself), by default.To change this, …, or the openout_any setting changed.

The actual procedure with Tex Live and Bibtex4Word is:
1. Install JabRef.
2. Install Bibtex4Word.
3. Set environment variable : BIBEXE = “C:texlive2010binwin32bibtex.exe”  ( if your directory of TeX Live is in “C:texlive2010”)
4. (1) Set environment variable : OPENOUT_ANY= “r”
    (2) Or add one text line in “C:texlive2010texmf.cnf ” with the following:
5. Open Microsoft Word 2007, inserting some citation tags for your paper.
6. Insert the bibliography and enjoy it!

2011/07/29 20:00 : Add the easy way to solve problem by using environment variables.

1. 求教,如何把bibtex的内容转化一下格式,用在word里

2. [win32] bibtex and makeindex – Forbidden to open for writing

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